Boulder Street Moto

DIY, member owned and operated motorcycle garage and clubhouse in downtown Colorado Springs.

Boulder Street Moto

BSM started as a group of about 5 pals riding around Colorado Springs on old Hondas. It is Colorado's only truly DIY, member owned and operated motorcycle garage.

Come for the exclusive community space featuring tools, storage space, and cool motos. Stay because you made a bunch of cool friends.

Who We Are

Our garage has members that just got their first bike a few months ago, and members that have been wrenching for 30 years. The community is the best part. Between all of us, we can fix anything, find any obscure part, and have a blast doing it.

The Garage

The garage is our clubhouse. Our adult fort. It’s the place where we hang out at midnight and try to solve weird problems that come up with old bikes. It’s where we start or end our rides. It’s where we BBQ, and where we gather to stare at old engines for hours on end. The garage features community tools, lifts, moto storage space, semi-comfy couches, coffee, booze, wi-fi, a record player…pretty much everything we need to be happy in life.


From wrench nights, to monthly rides, to summer campaign trips, our events have something for everyone. After all, we’re here because of the bikes, but we stay because of the friendships. Check it all out in the Events page.

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